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How it all began

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Mike Chouinard dreamt of creating a game that would be unlike anything would rival games like chess, Monopoly®, and Risk. He worked at designing a strategy game, placed it on a round board with two battle fronts set in outer space, and continued to play test and tweak the game for a few years until he perfected it. 

In 2015, Mike hooked up with graphic designer Christine Stickney, to complete and self-publish his first game, Planetary Strike. Together, they launched the game company, Claim To Fame Games, with the mission to create high-quality, family friendly games that are manufactured in the U.S.A. with a portion of proceeds donated to Pug Rescue of Florida and other pet rescue organizations.

They hope you enjoy play Planetary Strike as much as they did creating it!


When one person loves creating board games, and the other is passionate about dog rescue, you compromise. In addition to the game company, we also volunteer and foster for Pug Rescue of Florida. Rocky the Pug was our first foster pug (aka foster fails, we adopted him) and the inspiration for our logo.

We found a toy plane that he could sit in, and he came with us to the events we attended. He loved it! Many wondered at how he would just sit there all day, but he loved the attention from us and our fans


Rocky was a great ambassador for Pug Rescue until his passing in August 2016. We continue to volunteer and foster, and hope to adopt another pug one day.

Proceeds from Planetary Strike are donated to Pug Rescue of Florida and other pet rescue organizations.

Logo Inspiration


Live Events

Screen Shot 2021-02-09 at 11.34.52

In November 2015 we had our first real show at the Makers fair Orlando. We did our normal setup with tables and explained the objective / ship movements. We had amazing results and for the first time saw that the masses truly loved this game!

Next, we needed to figure out a way to bring our game to a broader audience. We settled on permanent booths in malls and thought that this was the answer to the  problem of constant flow of people! We established a booth at the Altamont Mall in Altamonte Springs Fl. A suburb of Orlando Fl.

Living in Floridas tourist district, we were able to spread the joy of this game nationwide! The best part of this experience is we learned how to teach this game to others in less then a minute!


In 2020 Planetary Strike forever evolved as the idea of taking this amazing board game online began to take fruition. Planetary Strike Partnered with DigiFox to create a web and app based version of the game to bring to the masses worldwide

With a professional digital team behind us, we revamped our logo to entwine the complexities and fierceness that will be displayed in the online version of the game

The online version is currently in the works and we are excited to bring a variety of new features, ships and a storyline to captivate all of our fans. Our web based version of the game will be released right here on in 2021, with our mobile app to follow in 2022

PS Online


Meet The Team


Mike Chouinard

President & CEO

christine c.jpg

Christine Chouinard

Vice President & Co-Founder

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Digital Design Team

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Daniel Malone

Marketing & Web developer

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