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"Everybody LOVES

Playing Planetary Strike!"

"It's Better than CHESS"

"The ONLY Strategy Game

for the entire family"

"Fast Paced and Exciting!"

I've played lot so many games it's not easy to attract me. Mike pulled me in and explained the game to me. He got me really interested that I started explaining the game to my friends & coworkers, they're interested too! I brought the game & played a few rounds. Really fun, really good, & I will keep telling everyone.

Adam Davies  — 5 star. ​March 24, 2016 

This game is so much fun to play and really gets to be competitive at times! I'd love to see this game take off! Keep up the good work!

Lexi Jacobs — 5 star. August 4, 2016   

Planetary Strike is a fun game that is very easy to learn, but which involves the same type of strategy as e.g. chess. We purchased the game at a Farmer's market event in Sanford, FL, and have had a lot of fun playing it. May need to upgrade to the 4-player version at some point...

Marina Nielsen  — 5 star. December 6, 2015 

Phenomenal gameplay, outstanding product. I need to see this with Southern Hobby or GTS distribution. They need to start carrying this because this is a hell of a game.

Michael Bruce — 5 star. July 9 2018

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Dedicated creator put a lot of thought into the game! It’s challenging but quick to pick up, and my friends all enjoy it too. Excited to see what new games you come up with!

Grayson Spittler — 5 star. April 26, 2019 

This game is super deceptive! Seems simple enough, but it is wonderfully complex. A great strategy game that I am looking forward to introducing to all of my gamer friends.

Briana Gilgaren Riti — 5 star. May 26, 2017 

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